"Riding With James Dean"
American Icon Films / Showcase Entertainment
Dir.- Tim Powell
"Blue Chicago Blues"
Alosio Prods. / Pioneer ( for Japan)
Dir.- Gregory Alosio
"Prison Planet"
21st Century / Columbia-TriStar
Dir.- Armand Gazarian
"Design 2084"
Tosti Films
Dir.- Mark Tosti
Chen-Chen Motion Pictures (for Taiwan)
Dir.- C.C. Liu
"Under Arrest"
Shepherd Films
Dir.- Billy Field
"Parental Discretion" (multi-cam sitcom pilot)
Vertical Edge Prods.
Dir.- Tim Powell
"Bulls & Bears" (single camera comedy pilot)
Company West Pictures / Paramount Pictures/Television
Dir.- Tim Powell
"Rock the Vote" (dramatic / comedy segs.)
Propaganda Films / Bedford Falls / FoxTV / MTV
Dir.- Victor DuBois
shorts .....
"On a Train Headed West"
Company West Pictures
Dir.- Tim Powell
GRR Films
Dir.- Lelia Goldoni
"Child's Play"
  Dir.- Amy Bloch
"Hamster of Happiness"
  Dir.- Mary Kay Place
"Don't Say Yes When You Really Mean No!"
"Lifestyles of the Dull & Tasteless"
additional photography.....
"Street Pirates"
  Dir.- Lee Stanley
"Portrait of a Friend"
Gold West Films
Dir.- Armand Gazarian
"Silent Rage" / (PU Unit)
2nd unit photography.....
"Pulse" / (2nd Unit Director - DP)
Rincon Prods. / Columbia Pictures
1st unit DP - Peter Collister, ASC
"The New Dennis the Menace" (MOW)
DIC Entertainment
1st unit DP - Arledge Armenaki
"Motown Mustang" (MOW)
Meridian / Modern Prods.
1st unit DP - Ed Lachman, ASC
"Death Spa"
1st unit DP - Arledge Armenaki
"Galaxy of Terror"
New World Pictures
1st unit DP - Jacques Haitkin
"Saturday the 14th"
New World Pictures
1st unit DP - Daniel Lacambre
visual effects photography.....
"The Sky's the Limit" (MOW)
Palance-Levy / New World FX
"Jaws 3"
A. Landsburg Prods. / Private Stock FX
"Battle Beyond the Stars"
New World Pictures / New World FX
"Escape from New York"
Slam Dunk Prods. / New World FX